Meeting the ever-changing compliance requirements for your strata community can be difficult, time consuming, complicated and carries risk.

Our qualified and highly experienced licensed specialists pride themselves on offering practicable, specific and affordable solutions across a range of disciplines including:

Building owners and occupiers must be aware of their obligations regarding the fire safety of their building and its occupants.

A workplace must demonstrate a commitment to the health and safety of all people at their workplace, including contractors.

Ensuring you manage the risks of asbestos and protect residents, workers and visitors to your strata property from illness.

A Tax Depreciation Schedule ensures that you are maximising the cash return from your investment property or commercial building each financial year.

A professionally calculated Sinking Fund Forecast, required by legislation, ensures the Body Corporate budgets an accurate amount for capital and replacement works over the next ten years.

Obtaining concise valuations of assets guarantees the correct sums insured thereby preventing underinsurance.

Advantages of Using Strata Umbrella

For Body Corporate Committees

  • Competitive fees.
  • Standardised, easy-to-read reports that ensure comprehensive coverage of subject matter
  • Best practice risk management practices in accordance with legislation
  • Allows for accurate and planned budgeting by body corporate committees
  • Possible insurance benefits against premiums and scope.
  • Peace of mind that your property is fully compliant.

For Strata Managers

  • Single point of contact for ordering and tracking reports.
  • Standardised inspection and report submission timings.
  • Ability, including client feedback, to continually improve standardised report formats.
  • Allows for accurate and planned budgeting by body corporate committees
  • Quality assured reports
  • More responsive compliance consultants
  • Better responses for non-routine requests
  • Better budget planning with known fees and cycles.

For Compliance Contractors

  • Able to maintain higher service levels due to work volume received.
  • Standardisation and familiarity of client needs supports their work methods thereby quality assurance and timing.

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