Work Health & Safety

Under Work Health & Safety legislation, Bodies Corporate have a duty of care as a ‘Person Undertaking a Business or Undertaking’ (PCBU).

This duty applies to all owners and managers and means that they must take reasonable action to ensure that anyone, including owners, service providers, tenants, visitors and even trespassers who come onto the common property, are not injured.

This can be somewhat of an Achilles heel for strata properties (especially residential) and can leave a body corporate vulnerable to being legally pursued in relation to breach of these duties.


The first steps to mitigating the risks of injury and liability risk on the common property is keeping the property in good repair, well-serviced and regularly inspected. 

Hazards must be assessed, and control measures implemented, to minimise or eliminate risks to the health and safety of personnel. Control measures must be monitored for effectiveness on a regular basis.

To make sure you are meeting your safety obligations, a qualified and experienced Strata Umbrella Safety Specialist will conduct a thorough on-the-ground inspection of common property to identify compliance issues and risks of liability exposure to the Body Corporate.  Furthermore, we will ensure that all required documentation is accounted for.

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