Manage your property risks so you can focus on what you do best


Manage your property risks so you can focus on what you do best


Manage your property risks so you can focus on what you do best

Strata Umbrella

Strata Umbrella offers complete all-inclusive compliance services to residential & commercial strata properties throughout South-East Queensland.

We ensure our body corporate clients are compliant with all relevant laws, legislation and regulations through professional expertise, a wealth of experience and our comprehensive risk management processes.

Whether it is a small group of townhouses, a commercial property or large mixed-use development, Strata Umbrella have got you covered.

Our qualified and experienced specialists pride themselves on offering practicable and affordable solutions for a range of services.


Our Property Risk Management Services

We provide the following professional and trusted property risk management services.

Contractor Compliance

Ensuring that your contractors and suppliers adhere to the specific requirements of your organisation and statute law is a critical risk management strategy.

Contractor Recruitment

Being able to quickly find unique, highly qualified people to meet your brief and hit the ground running ensures business continuity.

Contractor OH&S / WH&S

A workplace must demonstrate a commitment to the health and safety of all people at their workplace, including contractors.

Quantity Surveying

Our quantity surveyors can estimate and monitor construction costs at various stages throughout your building’s construction.

Insurance Valuations

Obtaining concise valuations of assets guarantees the correct sums insured thereby preventing underinsurance.

Fire Safety

Building owners and occupiers must be aware of their obligations regarding the fire safety of their building and its occupants.

Depreciation Schedule

A Tax Depreciation Schedule ensures that you are maximising the cash return from your investment property or commercial building each financial year.

Abestos Auditing

As asbestos specialists, we have a proven track record in the identification, assessment and management of asbestos containing material.

Building & Engineering

Our specialist buildings team work across the entirety of your building project, ensuring your building services are completed perfectly.

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Ensure Your Property Is Compliant

We recognise that compliance is much more than just meeting a building’s legislative duties; it’s about peace of mind knowing your risks have been independently identified and appropriately managed.