About us

Simplifying Strata

Strata Umbrella is a one-stop-shop compliance services company based in Queensland.

Meeting the ever-changing compliance requirements for your strata community can be difficult, time consuming, complicated, and fraught with risk.

We offer complete all-inclusive compliance services, reporting and recommendations to residential,  commercial, industrial, missed-use strata properties and complex multi-layered schemes throughout South-East Queensland.

We use this expertise and knowledge to deliver the highest quality outcomes in our thorough and easy to read and analyse reports.

We ensure our body corporate clients are compliant with all relevant laws, legislation and regulations through expertise, experience and our comprehensive risk management processes.

This means not only will your property be meeting all its legal requirements, but you will have the peace of mind safe in the knowledge that all risks and potential liabilities have been independently identified and properly mitigated by Strata Umbrella.

We take the hassle out of compliance so you can focus on other areas of your investment by offering accurate and on-time reports with expert advice which considers risk, practicability and cost efficiency.

Our expert team will act to ensure your community is covered on compliance with the
following services: