Fire Safety

Fire Safety Specialists

Adhering to Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 can be a formidable and time-consuming problem, layered with risk, for most body corporate committees. 

Our licenced Fire Safety specialists will provide complete peace of mind by minimising all fire risks faced by your property and ensuring you are compliant with all relevant legislation.

With Strata Umbrella you can rest easy knowing that all your property’s annual fire safety requirements have been met and you won’t get caught out by changes to legislation.

It is mandatory in Queensland for all workplaces to implement “Emergency Management Plans” (fire and evacuation plans). Additionally, many buildings require an Annual Fire Safety Statement to be lodged each year with the local council stating that the building is compliant.

Strata Umbrella will work with you to develop plans that are specific to your property, business and industry, and conduct training so that all personnel are better equipped to handle any eventuality.

Our Fire Compliance Services

Fire Safety Regulations

Our easy-to-read reports will not only include details of your current level of compliance, including photos and references, but also offer recommendations and best practice solutions to assist you in achieving a fully compliant property.

Occupiers Statement

An Occupiers Statement is a declaration that all prescribed fire safety installations located within your building have been maintained in accordance to the relevant legislation and standards. This statement must be submitted to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) annually. Strata Umbrella manage and schedule the sending the Statement to QFES for you.

Fire and Evacuation Plan

A Fire and Evacuation Plan details the different policies and procedures for the property when managing and responding to emergencies. Strata Umbrella will develop this plan for you following a thorough site inspection of your property and will be custom designed to suit the specific needs of your site. Strata Umbrella will review this plan on an annual basis as is required by law.

Evacuation Practice and Training

Generally referred to as an evacuation exercise, this annual requirement is designed to test the effectiveness of the emergency procedures outlined in the Fire and Evacuation Plan and ensure that building occupants are aware and become familiar with the emergency procedures. Also included in the service is specific instructions for those persons responsible for carrying out emergency procedures.

Fire Safety Advisor

For any building that is more than 25 metres in height, or where there are 30 or more workers on site, it is a legal requirement to appoint a Fire Safety Advisor. With a Strata Umbrella appointed fire safety advisor you can be assured your property has the best fire safety advice suited to your specific circumstances at all times. 

Evacuation Diagrams

Under legislation a building must have evacuation diagrams displayed in common areas that clearly detail the process to follow in the event of a fire or other types of emergency. This enables occupants to be safely directed out of a building and to a designated emergency assembly area.

Inaction has serious consequences!

Harsh penalties apply to owners/occupiers who do not abide by the regulations. Far more serious, however, is the possibility of loss of life, combined with the destruction of property. Inaction would truly be an avoidable tragedy.

Fire safety regulations are quite rightly taken very seriously in Queensland and there are severe penalties for bodies corporate who do not comply with standards.

Advantages and importance of Fire Safety at your strata property

  • Be legally compliant
  • Identify risks
  • Avoid potential hazards
  • Stronger emergency response
  • Keep residents and visitors safe
  • Peace of mind

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